Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Missing In Action

Hello! Sorry that I haven't posted anything for ages. I could make lots of excuses as to why this is, but the simple truth is that I've been doing other things. Presumably this will mean more posts in the next few weeks. No. While I do have one or two nearly written, I have to go away for a couple of weeks on Friday. Normal service will be resumed after that. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Auction Fever Extra - She's At It Again!

In a recent (ish) blog I detailed Badger's love of online auction and shopping sites. I thought that it couldn't get worse, but it has ...

I think her obsession has increased because of a number of factors. Firstly, and obviously, it's her online purchasing. Secondly, it's TV shows like 'Bargain Hunt' - Badger used to hate daytime TV stuff, but, while she was ill recently, she started to watch avidly. Now ... she's started to flirt with the idea of real-life auctions! Her theory, based totally on watching 'Bargain Hunt', is that anything bought (from eBay, Boot Fairs etc) for a fiver, will always make money at an auction house. I'm not convinced that this is correct, but what do I know?

She started to buy items to place into an auction. Most of it is 'Murano' - hideous Venetian glass objects. Just to confirm, they are HIDEOUS. We've been to an Auction House and had some stuff valued - it will go to auction next week. In addition, I've been dispatched to the loft space several times to retrieve useless junk ( or valued family treasures as Badger puts it)

I think we have a long way to go with this one!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Auction Fever

Badger was not much of a 'web-surfer' until she met me. I have a geek gene and spend far too long online. At first, she wasn't too interested until she realised that you can shop from home using nothing more than a credit card and a browser. Since then she's become something of an expert. Could be the unlimited supply of shoes, I guess.
I've had an eBay account for quite a few years. I buy things from time to time. Badger has taken over the account (still in my name) and has become fairly addicted to finding "bargains". I only have to mention something that we need to buy and she's straight into the eBay search box. Sometimes, I log-in just to see what she's listing. There'll be all sorts of things. Gardening equipment, car parts, books, home wares, hair-straighteners, you name it, she'll search for it! I'm just glad that they don't sell groceries - I'd starve to death while she looked for those elusive bargains.

Some time ago, we were looking for a new sofa. She spent months listing them, contacting sellers, calling me over to look at sofa after sofa, bidding, listing some more, 'just missing out' on yet another one. Guess what? After a while (seemed like an eternity), we went to one of the large High Street stores and bought ... a sofa!

On another occasion, she successfully won a coffee table at a reasonable price. She hadn't checked the Seller's location (it was sold as collection by buyer only) until after she won it. Bearing in mind that we live in Derbyshire, collecting the table was an adventure. I had to drive to South Wales, rural South Wales that doesn't show up on my Tom-Tom satnav! To add insult to injury (and I do mean injury) the coffee-table was made from railway sleepers and weighed a ton. I had major fun trying to load it into the back of the car. I took three of us to unload the damn thing when I got back.  This "bargain", when you consider fuels costs, the time taken and back-medication, wasn't! I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time, these days, trailing around the countryside collecting random tat.

We're now looking for a new coffee-table again. She's decided that she doesn't like the current one. I suppose I have several months of purgatory to look forward to. Before I'm dispatched to some far-flung spot , like the Outer Hebrides, to collect it.

Badger has begun to expand her online shopping forays to more sites (eeeeeeek!) I don't know which ones, but I'll bet that I have some role to play (probably collecting). There is an upside to this, she tells me, "we always get a bargain"!